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2016 Membership

The people / business listed below are current members.
Many thanks to our members for supporting us.
To become a member, go to membership page


Roy Bennett
James Brannan
Kathe Cheska
Bruce Gamage
George Gould
Gary Heald
Hillside Collision Center
Peter Hodgkins
Carroll LaHaye
Frank Leary
Jim Lombardo
Rich Mazurek
Patrick Mellor
Strong Hancock Funeral Home


Bill Barbour
Deane Deshon
Phil Page


David Ames
Bob Brown
Lou Cook
Charlie Crockett
Penny Crockett
Dough Curtis
Ferolyn Curtis
Lindsey Dean
Art Dyer
Dean Erickson
Wayne "Butch" Farley
Alan Hinsey, VSTV
Kevin Jenkins
Terry Kenniston
Neil Lash
Tom Mellor
Frank Morong
Jacob Newcomb
Donald Palmer
Sam Pendleton
Helen Plourd
Constance Pound
Darrell "Skip" Pound
Richard Salminen
Bill Stuart
Dana Verge
Walt White
Andy Williamson
Charlie Wootton
Sue Wootton