Requirements to be considered for Induction into the Midcoast Sports Hall of Fame:

  • attended one of the schools in the Midcoast ME area     OR 

  • coached, taught or administered at one of the schools in the Midcoast ME area    OR

  • made significant contributions to organized sports in the Midcoast ME area as an athlete, reporter, official, broadcaster, trainer, designer, instructor or other associated position.
All nominations for the current year must be submitted by June 1st. Nomination forms are held for five years.  After five years, applicants must notify the MCSHoF if they still want their nomination to be considered.

Inductee Nomination Form

See below for printable file

Please provide information about the nominee. We acknowledge that there is little room for achievements on our form.  Please feel free to add additional achievements on a separate file when submitting your nomination.  If they are considered for final balloting you or others may be asked to provide more information. However, you may submit more information than listed here including photos and other documents to Neil Lash at PO Box 723, Waldoboro, ME 04572.

Last Name  _______________________________    First Name  _______________________ MI ______

Address _________________________________________________________________________________

City  _______________________________________  State  ___________________  Zip  _______________

Home phone  __________________________Cell  __________________________Bus.  _______________

Birth Date  _______________________  City  __________________________  State  _________________

If deceased(date)  ___________________________  City  _____________________ State  __________

Nearest relative  ___________________________________________________________________________

Relationship  _____________________________________Phone  _________________________________

High School  ______________________________________________________________________________

Dates attended   ______________________________  to  _________________________________________

Achievements  ____________________________________________________________________________


College attended  ___________________________________________________________________________

Dates attended  __________________________________ to _______________________________________

Achievements  ____________________________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ Other achievements  _______________________________________________________________________

Submitted by  _________________________________________  Phone  ____________________________

E-Mail  __________________________________________________ Date____________________________


If you would like a form mailed to you, contact

Jacob Newcomb,
Oct 21, 2016, 6:13 AM